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11 iulie 2011

New gTLDs - The Next Generation of domain names

Ever since its inception, the Internet has been evolving, and with the recent announcement of the New Global Top Level Domains (New gTLDs) by ICANN, it will soon be possible to get your very own TLD. Unlike traditional domain names, such as, the domain name is always preceded by a TLD extension, such as .com .
The New gTLD is very different to traditional domain names, and by registering your very own gTLD, you could register your brand, product, service, region or name in the top level name space.

Just imagine a domain name such as:

  • .you
  • .yourlocation
  • .yourbrand
  • .yourservice
  • .yourproduct
  • .yourregion
  • .yourclub
  • .yourname
Now is your chance to become one of the first to apply for your own New TLD. According to the most recent revision of the ICANN gTLD Guidebook, the New gTLD domain names applications will be accepted under the following categories:
The New gTLDs will also provide you with the option of registering your TLD using both the traditional Latin based characters (English Characters), or in the IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) format. This means your TLD can be used to target a specific demographic.

New gTLD Timeline

The New gTLD has been a work in progress. ICANN intend to launch the New gTLD program at the ICANN Conference held in Singapore in June 2011. This time line is a visual representation of the time required for a gTLD application to be registered into a Top Level Domain (TLD).

Final Approval of the ICANN Guidebook (June 2011)

We are now in this period, and ICANN are in the final stages of publishing the final New gTLD Guidebook. Once formally approved, it is expected that ICANN will announce the roll out of the New gTLD program at the ICANN Conference in Singapore.

Communication Period / Application Window Period (June 2011 to March 2012)

This period represents the time that ICANN will accept the first 500 initial gTLD applications for the New gTLD program.

gTLD Applications Publicly Announced (Expected March 2012)

This period is when ICANN will publicly announce the gTLD applications they have received. This is necessary to allow for third parties to place objections to any specific gTLD application.

Public Registration of gTLD (Expected October 2012)

This period represents the first registration of the New gTLDs, and the delegation of the New gTLDs into the live DNS. This period also represents a new era of the Internet and Domain Names, and it will be recognized as a major milestone of the evolution of the Internet.

Why should I get a New gTLD?

There are many advantages to getting your very own gTLD. Having your very own gTLD provides you with greater brand awareness and protection, and as you become the top level administrator of your TLD, you have the added benefit of Securing your name, giving you the peace of mind.

    For serious business, using a New gTLD is the ultimate way of establishing your online brand and protecting your brand, and ensuring that your brand is recognized at the top level. Having your very own TLD ensures that:
    • Your brand is visible at the highest level
    • Your brand becomes a physical web address at the URL level
    • It promotes consumer trust in your brand
    • It provides you with the unlimited marketing opportunities
    • It will become recognized as a sign of authority
    • Global Exposure to a Global Audience

    Fraudulent activities such as phishing and malware scams is the cause of many unwanted problems for Internet based businesses. Being a victim of such scams can permanently effect the reputation of your business.

    Using your very own gTLD, you can control the way that your TLD is managed, you can choose to permit or deny registrations in your own name space, and you can build your online business around your own TLD. When you have your own TLD, you can build trust in your online presence as a safe and secure domain name – because you are the master of your domain.

    Instra recognizes that reliability, security, monitoring are essential to ensure that any registry system remains stable.

    Instra has a proven track record in providing registry services for domain names and ENUM. We understand the importance of providing a proven and stable registry service, and being able to back that up with a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. Our global network has been designed and developed to ensure that your TLD continues to work – regardless of what events are happening around the world.

    It is expected that the new gTLD launch will be rolled out in several phases. Unlike traditional domain names, successful gTLD applicants within the initial application stage will have an approximate three year lead over competitors who decide to apply during the subsequent phases. Unlike other domain names, there will be no After Market program, so once a keyword has been registered, it will be gone forever.
The pending launch of the new gTLD will change the Internet forever. Do not miss out on this limited opportunity, and Register your Expression of Interest today.


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