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18 iulie 2011

Free GNU-Linux distributions

Following are the GNU/Linux distributions I know of which have a firm policy commitment to only include and only propose free software. They reject non-free applications, non-free programming platforms, non-free drivers, or non-free firmware “blobs”. If by mistake they do include any, they remove it. To learn more about what makes for a free GNU/Linux distribution, see Guidelines for Free System Distributions.
If you're wondering why a certain popular distribution isn't listed here, you may want to check  this page thta explaining why don't endorse some common distributions.
Some distributions are making efforts to move toward a completely free system. We thank them for their ongoing work to achieve that goal, and hope to list them here some day.
Information about individual GNU packages (most of which are included in the free distros here) is available separately.
All of the distributions that follow are installable to a computer's hard drive and most can be run live. They are listed in alphabetical order.
Distribution Description
BLAG Linux and GNU BLAG Linux and GNU, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora.
Dragora Dragora, an independent GNU/Linux distribution based on concepts of simplicity.
Dynebolic Dynebolic, a GNU/Linux distribution with special emphasis on audio and video editing.
gNewSense gNewSense, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu, with sponsorship from the FSF.
Musix GNU+Linux Musix, a GNU+Linux distribution based on Knoppix, with special emphasis on audio production.
Parabola GNU/Linux Parabola GNU/Linux, a distribution based on Arch that prioritizes simple package and system management.
Trisquel Trisquel, a GNU/Linux distribution oriented toward small enterprises, domestic users and educational centers.
Ututo Ututo, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Gentoo. It was the first fully free GNU/Linux system recognized by the GNU Project.
Venenux Venenux, a GNU/Linux distribution built around the KDE desktop.



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