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17 martie 2010

Free To Air TV Software

Although this service has been around for a while now, many people still don't realize that you can get satellite TV channels feed directly to your computer if you have the appropriate satellite receiver or the right kind of software.
FTA, also known as free to air TV, is a term that describes television channels and radio stations that regularly broadcast their programs unencrypted. These programs can be picked up by a suitable receiver or software program without the monthly charge like traditional cable or satellite TV. You never have to pay for free to air TV.
Many international channels utilize this type of broadcasting, so you can tune in to channels from around the world at absolutely no charge. Any channels in your own country that use this type of broadcasting will also be available for you to watch. Lots of free to air TV providers also broadcast this way. You can watch these types of programs simply by visiting the corresponding website.
If you would like to have the ability to access thousands of satellite TV channels from different countries, then you basically have two options you might want to consider. You can install either a satellite receiver or PC TV software on to your computer.
Your first option is to buy a satellite TV receiver. You will have to purchase both the receiver itself as well as a dish. Although there are companies who will install the equipment for a small fee, however the equipment itself can be a bit expensive. It's best to shop around to see who has the best prices on both equipment and installation unless you are a real do-it-yourself type person. The receiver will all you to use your regular large screen TV to access channels.
The other option is to purchase TV for PC software for your computer. You can purchase and download the software online and have instant access without having to install any equipment or wait for someone to come do it for you. There are several software options to choose from. The price ranges from $40 to $100 for most programs.
Let me answer two burning questions that you are probably asking yourself right now.
1. Can free to air TV software replace my regular cable or satellite service? The short answer is yes, however, it will not be exactly the same as the paid service you are currently using.
2. Will I be able to watch exactly the same channels I can watch with cable or satellite TV? No. You will only be able to view those channels that have not been encrypted by the station to which they belong. Even though you don't have access to encrypted channels, you can still expect to access thousands of high quality channels on a regular basis.
While it's not realistic to think you would be able to access locked, subscription type channels with free to air TV software, their are a few distinct advantages to this software. Many blacked out sporting events can be watched simply by tuning in to a station in a different region. You might also be able to catch your favorite show at a different time by switching regional stations. So, unless you're totally addicted to a particular subscription type channel, you could easily replace your current system with free to air TV software and watch the same type of high quality shows you do today as long as you aren't expecting exactly the same channels.
Download free to air TV software that will give you instant access to thousands of digital satellite TV channels. Click the link to learn more!



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